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Free Soccer Winners

Free Soccer Winners

Poland will launch the tournament on Fri Jun 8th at 18.00 CET against Greece in Warsaw followed by the other Group A opener between Russia and the Czech Republic at 20.45 CET. The next day the Netherlands face Denmark in Kharkiv and Germany takes on Portugal in Lviv to begin Group B. On Jun 10th Group C starts as holders. Spain plays Italy and the Republic of Ireland are matched with Croatia. Ukraine is involved in the last of the opening set of fixtures, meeting Sweden in Group D in Kyiv after England tackles France in Donetsk. The group stage runs until Jun 19th, then a rest day, the quarter-finals take place over 4 consecutive nights. The semi-finals are on Jun 29th in Donetsk and the following eve in Warsaw, then Kyiv for the final Jul 1st.
Free Soccer Winners: 7/1 Final Game Spain vs Italy.

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All kick-offs CET, Ukrainian time is one hour ahead

Friday 8 June 2012
#1: GRE at POL, 18.00CET, Warsaw
#2: CZE at RUS, 20.45CET, Wroclaw

Saturday 9 June 2012
DEN at NED, 18.00CET, Kharkiv
#4: POR at GER, 20.45CET, Lviv

Sunday 10 June 2012
#5: ITA at ESP, 18.00CET, Gdansk
#6: CRO at IRL, 20.45CET, Poznan

Monday 11 June 2012
#7: ENG at FRA, 18.00CET, Donetsk
#8: SWE at UKR, 20.45CET, Kyiv

Tuesday 12 June 2012
#9: CZE at GRE, 18.00CET, Wroclaw
#10: RUS at POL, 20.45CET, Warsaw

Wednesday 13 June 2012
#11: POR at DEN, 18.00CET, Lviv
#12: GER at NED, 20.45CET, Kharkiv

Thursday 14 June 2012
#13: CRO at ITA, 18.00CET, Poznan
#14: IRL at ESP, 20.45CET, Gdansk

Friday 15 June 2012
#15: ENG at SWE, 20.45CET, Kyiv
#16: FRA at UKR, 18.00CET, Donetsk

Saturday 16 June 2012
#17: POL at CZE, 20.45CET, Wroclaw
#18: RUS at GRE, 20.45CET, Warsaw

Sunday 17 June 2012
#19: NED at POR, 20.45CET, Kharkiv
#20: GER at DEN, 20.45CET, Lviv

Monday 18 June 2012
#21: ESP at CRO, 20.45CET, Gdansk
#22: IRL at ITA, 20.45CET, Poznan

Tuesday 19 June 2012
#23: UKR at ENG, 20.45CET, Donetsk
#24: FRA at SWE, 20.45CET, Kyiv

Wednesday 20 June 2012
No matches

Thursday 21 June 2012
#25: CZE v POR, 20.45CET, Warsaw

Friday 22 June 2012
#26: GER at GRE, 20.45CET, Gdansk

Saturday 23 June 2012
#27: ESP at FRA, 20.45CET, Donetsk

Sunday 24 June 2012
#28: ENG at ITA, 20.45CET, Kyiv

Monday 25 June 2012
No matches

Tuesday 26 June 2012
No matches

Wednesday 27 June 2012
#29: W#25 v W#27, 20.45CET, Donetsk

Thursday 28 June 2012
#30: W#26 v W#28, 20.45CET, Warsaw

Friday 29 June 2012
No matches

Saturday 30 June 2012
No matches

Sunday 1 July 2012
#31: ESP v ITA, 20.45CET, Kyiv

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